NY State backs off from Common Core

NY State is backing away from implementing the Common Core Learning Standards. Of course, the direction they're going is to make standards easier. Keep in mind: The great majority of NY state high school graduates cannot pass 6th-grade reading or arithmetic tests; and within the last decade, NY had the 3rd-lowest GED math success rates, above only Mississippi and Washington, DC.

As reported by NYSUT on the newly-named "Next Generation Learning Standards":
Committees went standard-by-standard, grade-by-grade. Some learning standards were thrown out; others were merged; some standards were moved to different grade levels... an Early Learning Standards Task Force with 30 educators and parents issued a set of pre-K–2 recommendations, such as incorporating "play" as an instructional strategy... To provide more time for students to develop deep levels of understanding of math content, the review committees suggested major grade movements in statistics and probability at the middle level and in algebra at the high school level. Some changes are semantic. For example, the new standard calls for "exploring" a concept without the expectation of mastering the concept at that grade level.



  1. Grade 6 arithmetic? Our (Russian) algebra textbooks introduced derivatives in grade 7, integrals in grade 8. And geometry started with proofs in grade 6, IIRC.

    1. Yeah, we're pretty much in total meltdown mode here. NY and CA recently removed basic algebra as an expectation for receiving a college degree.