Remedial Math at CUNY (NYTimes, 2011)

Here's a clear-eyed and concise article from the New York Times back in 2011, "CUNY Adjusts Amid Tide of Remedial Students", regarding remedial math classes at CUNY (where I work), mostly focusing on LaGuardia Community College (a different school than my own). Similar information to stuff we know from elsewhere, but I didn't note it at the time, and I wanted to document it here. Some highlights:
  • Nationally, about 65% of incoming community college students need some form of remedial education (2:1 ratio of math to reading). 
  • At CUNY, about 75% of students need some remediation.
  • In NYS, fewer than 50% of graduating high school students are ready for college or careers.
  • In NYC, the proportion of prepared high school graduates is only 23%.
  • At LaGuardia, 40% of all math classes taught are remedial.
  • Cost of remediation at CUNY doubled in the last 10 years to $33 million.
  • About 25% of CUNY community college freshman graduate with a degree after 6 years. (Nationwide it's about 35%.)