Growth Mindset Found Lacking

Large-scale meta-study at Michigan State finds that the "growth mindset" intervention that's been all the rage for the last few years doesn't actually accomplish much:
"This research is important because millions of dollars have been spent on growth mindset interventions in schools," said Alex Burgoyne, a Ph.D. student studying cognition and cognitive neuroscience. "Our results show that the academic benefits of these interventions have been largely overstated. For example, there was little to no effect of mindset interventions on academic achievement for typical students, or for other groups who some have claimed benefit substantially from these interventions, including students facing situational challenges, such as transitioning to a new school."
Medical Xpress.


  1. > This implies the presence of something other than mindset causing these effects, Macnamara said.

    I take it, the meta-study does not show that the grown mind set intervention is ineffective, but that it might not be the mindset change that is responsible for the intervention's effectiveness.

    1. Mostly ineffective in most cases, is what I'm taking away.