Graphing Quizzes at Automatic-Algebra

I added a few new things to the  "automatic skill" site, Automatic-Algebra.org (actually around the start of the year, but they seem to have tested out well enough at this point). In particular, these are timed quizzes on the basic of graphing lines: (1) on linear equations in slope-intercept format, and (2) on parsing descriptions of special horizontal and vertical lines.

As usual, these are skills that when walks through them the first time in-class, with full explanations, may take several minutes; which may give a mistaken impression about how complicated the concepts really are. In truth, in a later course (precalculus, calculus, statistics), a person should be expected to see these relationships pretty much instantaneously on sight, and these timed quizzes better communicate that and allow the student to practice developing that intuition. If you have any feedback as you or your students use the site, I'd love to hear it!

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