Link: The Learning Styles Neuromyth

A nice article reminding us that the whole idea of teaching to different "learning styles" is entirely without any scientific evidence in its favor:

“... the brain’s interconnectivity makes such an assumption unsound.”


  1. “Low-cost and easily implemented classroom approaches can certainly cultivate wishfulness amongst educators, especially if they are fun and therefore likely to be well received by students.”

    Sooo.... it's well received, brings some variety to what can be a repetitive experience thus engaging students... even if there is no benefit from the rotation of "Learning Styles," so long as the lesson is well designed in and of itself, what's the problem?

    1. (1) It's a lie.

      (2) It doesn't actually help learning; students often "well receive" methods that cause them to learn less (see Daniel Willingham).

      (3) It costs additional effort and preparation better spent in other areas.