New Year, New Name

With the new year, I've rolled out a new name and domain for this site: MadMath.com. This is something I actually wanted to do at the outset, as it much better captures the "I'm mad about math!" double entendre that I was really going for. So I'm freakishly psyched that I get a chance to use the proper name at this time. Expect to see more frequent blogging at this address, and hopefully some other expansions to the site in the feature. Thanks for reading!


  1. Delta, would you mind changing the RSS feed for this new site to include full text? I mostly read your material through my aggregator.

    1. Hmmm, unfortunately that's what I have set to now, as best I can tell. Not something I normally deal with, but: under Settings > Other > Site Feed > Allow Blog Feed it's set to "Full" which claims, "Select Full to syndicate the entire contents of your post."

      Do you know more details about anything I could do to improve that?