Going Commando

Yay, got my Commando-brand chalk holder with anodized aluminum barrel/handle in the mail. Hopefully this keeps me from shattering the chalk in my clenched fist every day from my math rage-outs. If this doesn't work, then I'll need to step up to some kind of military-grade titanium or somesuch...


  1. Delta, where do you teach that you still use chalk? I love the feel you get when writing with chalk - so much more tactile that a whiteboard marker. I don't miss the dust in my pores though - this cool holder might help with that.

  2. I teach at Kingsborough Community College, part of CUNY in NYC. Maybe about half the boards in classrooms have been replaced with whiteboards, but the primary math classrooms still use chalk.

    I must say (having used both... and a prior school that was all-whiteboard) that I prefer chalk for my teaching. A large part of it is the logistics over acquiring new markers, which run out much faster than a box of chalk. I find that a marker runs out for me in just 1 or 2 class sessions. (Some say that I write more than other instructors, but I don't see any other way to demonstrate the discipline.) Plus in practice I have to buy markers myself, whereas a box of chalk I can get from the school (with some effort).

    I often think of what an environmental/cost-benefit study of markers vs. chalk would look like. I've already found that the chalk holder does keep me a little cleaner, and also extends chalk duration by about x4. (The savings if you gave every instructor one of these would be pretty solid, I think.)